Línea Directa Aseguradora

LÍNEA DIRECTA ASEGURADORA S.A. COMPAÑÍA DE SEGUROS Y REASEGUROS is a motor insurance company which was set up on April 13th, 1994, and entered in the Register of Companies of Madrid, in Tome 7902, Folio 41, Sheet M-127697. Its registered office is located in Tres Cantos, c/ Isaac Newton 7, 28760 MADRID (SPAIN). Línea Directa offers its products and services through its telephone number (902325325) and its web site, "www.lineadirecta.com", in accordance with the legislation in force concerning this matter and under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance and the Dirección General del Seguro (Directorate General of Insurance).

You can contact us through any of LÍNEA DIRECTA´s communication channels, either by sending a letter to our offices, through the customer attention service or through our e-mail address, Sugestions


Any relationships between LÍNEA DIRECTA and its customers resulting from the latter´s offering its products and services as contained in this web site are governed by, and subject to, Spanish law and jurisdiction.


Users are hereby informed that the products and services contained on this web site are to be exclusively offered to residents in Spain taking out motor insurance in respect of vehicles registered in Spain. Consequently, regardless of the language used on this web site, no products or services are offered in respect of vehicles registered in a country other than Spain.

Users contracting for services or products contained on this web site without meeting said conditions do so under their sole responsibility, and LÍNEA DIRECTA shall assume no responsibility in this respect. LÍNEA DIRECTA may refuse to register any person as a new customer if it becomes aware that such user fails to meet the aforesaid conditions.

Users shall be responsible for providing accurate, current information at all times, and LÍNEA DIRECTA shall assume no liability in respect thereof. LÍNEA DIRECTA reserves the right to exclude, deny or cancel any service requested by any User having provided inaccurate data, without prejudice to any legal action it might be entitled to start.


The quality of the service provided to its customers is deemed essential by LINEA DIRECTA. Consequently, in order to speed up the procedure for handling claims, LÍNEA DIRECTA has placed at their disposal:

EL SERVICIO DE ATENCIÓN AL CLIENTE (THE CUSTOMER ATTENTION SERVICE), which customers may access by phone, fax, e-mail or letter.
C/ Isaac Newton 9
28760 Tres Cantos (MADRID)
Telephone no.: 902321321
Fax: 902123038
E-Mail: Gestion_Clientes@LineaDirecta.es

EL DEFENSOR DEL CLIENTE (OMBUDSMAN SERVICE), which customers may alternatively or simultaneously access at:
C/ Marqués de la Ensenada,16- 3ª Planta de Oficinas, Oficina 23
28004 Madrid
Telephone no.: 902324324
Fax no.: 918063249
E-Mail: reclamaciones@da-defensor.org

The term for resolving a claim or complaint by the Customer Attention Service or the Ombudsman shall never exceed two months.

If the claimant disagrees with the solution, or if said two-month term finalises without any solution having been issued, the claimant may resort to the:

Pº de la Castellana 44
28046 Madrid

In addition, pursuant to the provisions of section 9 of Order ECO/734/2004, of March 11th, we place at your disposal the Ombudsman´s Regulations for LINEA DIRECTA.


LÍNEA DIRECTA guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data which shall be provided by users, and the automated processing thereof in accordance with the legislation concerning personal data protection and the Data Protection clause.

Specific purposes of data processing:

When issuing an estimate or quotation: All the information we shall request from you is necessary for LÍNEA DIRECTA to fix a price for your personalised insurance, as adapted to your circumstances. Said price shall be valid for 3 months. In addition, LÍNEA DIRECTA may use your data for statistical purposes and, if relevant, to keep you informed of our commercial promotions for no more than 2 years. If you object to these purposes, you may make a request for the cancellation of such information, either by telephone, fax, e-mail or by post.

When contracting: Your data shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection clause, mainly in connection with the management, execution and performance of your contract, for statistical purposes and to keep you informed of any promotions and services.

In addition, we hereby inform you that, pursuant to the authorisation referred to in Act 30/1995, UNESPA has set up the Motor Insurance Historical File for assessing and selecting risks, on the basis of the information provided by Insurance Companies.

LINEA DIRECTA informs you that the information concerning your motor insurance policy and such claims related thereto as were filed in the last five years, if any, shall be incorporated into said file. You may access, rectify, cancel or oppose such data by making the relevant request to TIREA, c/ García Paredes nº 55, 28010 Madrid, upon presentation of a valid National Identity Card, Passport or Residence Permit


All the elements on this web site: text, pictures, sounds, animations, videos, trademarks, logos, distinctive signs, graphic designs and codes, as well as the structure, selection, lay out and presentation of its contents, belong to Línea Directa Aseguradora S.A. and are protected by Spanish and international acts on Intellectual and Industrial property. Notwithstanding this, the content of this web site is deemed to be a computer programme, and is therefore governed by the Spanish and EU legislation on this matter.

It is expressly forbidden to transmit, distribute, reproduce or store this web site, whether in whole or in part, without prior authorisation in writing by Línea Directa Aseguradora S.A.


The products and services offered by LÍNEA DIRECTA on this web site shall be contracted for in a safe environment, since we have implemented a data encryption system for protecting your communications with us.

Customers may verify that their transactions are carried out in a safe environment by seeing the security lock in the bottom part of the screen.

Customers may request and/or contract for all products and services offered by LÍNEA DIRECTA through this web site on line, through a key-based system provided by LÍNEA DIRECTA which guarantees the identification thereof and the integrity and confidentiality of all transactions.


LÍNEA DIRECTA shall assume no responsibility for the wrongful use of its web site´s contents. The persons accessing or using such contents shall be solely responsible for such use.

LÍNEA DIRECTA shall assume no responsibility for the information contained in any third parties´ web sites which may be accessed through links or search engines on LÍNEA DIRECTA´s web sites. LÍNEA DIRECTA may incorporate any links on its web sites for information purposes only, and the presence of such links shall not amount to any suggestion, invitation or recommendation in respect thereof.

LÍNEA DIRECTA shall assume no responsibility for any possible loss or damage arising from any interference, omission, interruption, computer virus, telephone failure or disconnection affecting the operation of this electronic system, if the occurrence thereof is not attributable to the company, or resulting from this electronic system being delayed or blocked as a result of any overloads on the Internet system or on any other electronic system, or from any damage which may be caused by third parties as a result of any unlawful intrusion beyond LÍNEA DIRECTA´s control